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Game News    
Welcome: Welcome to the AwesomeSauce Guild Page. On the Deathking Private Server, we have a large amount of active members that work together to make this the best guild on the server.

Joining: To join, you first need to connect to the Deathking Private Server here. Follow the instructions on site. Once you are connected, ask for an invitation in "/o" If no one is on, send an email to swumserver@gmail.com

              Turd Sandwich: Don't be fooled by the name. This rank is given to all new members and you will get a promotion once you reach 85. There will be plenty of support as you level.
              Baloni Sandwich: All players that are level 85. Most of the members of the guild are in this rank. 
Ham Sandwich:A loyal guild member that has a little less privlegases then a Grilled cheese
              Grilled Cheese: The equivalent of an officer. Those in this rank have the most power they can without being the Grand Master.
              Grand Master: The faithful and awesome founder, Nachos!

What to Do:
 There are lots of things to do! What you should do once you have joined is level or get geared. This will help the guild as a whole by allowing you to help others and yourself. Also, farm items that you think will be helpful and put them in the Guild Bank.

Thank you for reading! Join the guild and get
dedicated support, full bank tabs, Horde + Alliance, and much more!

Guild News    
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Basta11, Jun 11, 11 5:57 PM.
This is a great place to see what the guild is doing!
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Dragonblight (PvE)
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Death Knight
Blood (10)
Frost (10)
Unholy (10)
Balance (10)
Feral (10)
Restoration (10)
Beast Masters (10)
Marksmanship (10)
Survivalists (10)
Arcane (10)
Fire (10)
Frost (10)
Holy (10)
Protection (10)
Retribution (10)
Discipline (10)
Holy (10)
Shadow (10)
Assassination (10)
Combat (10)
Subtlety (10)
Elemental (10)
Enhancement (10)
Restoration (10)
Affliction (10)
Demonology (10)
Destruction (10)
Arms (10)
Fury (10)
Protection (10)
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